About Us

We are a dedicated natural hair care specialist that offers painless and gentle services, with up to date natural hair styling. We are a full service natural beauty salon with a professionally trained background, well versed in all aspects of cosmetology. Individually, we have been in the beauty industry for many years. At the prime age of 16, we were plucked from our family's basement by a local salon owner wondering where her clientele was disappearing to. From there we were groomed and taught the proper ways of hair care, its properties and the theory of hair. Our mentor taught us how a full service salon should be structured and how to stay compliant. Since there were only three of us, often times I was left to run the salon. That was a major responsibility for someone of our age at that place in time. What we were taught has been ingrained in our belief of consistency and appreciation of the craft. We were afforded the opportunity to become a licensed professional with this hands on experience from successful women, who were in the business long before we. Women who were eager to have a younger version of themselves willing and able to be coached. Today, our expertise has been featured around the world in several, popular editorials. We have also been named Best In Baltimore a couple of times. We have been photographed professionally and have received awards for our works. Our work even shows up on store fronts to this day. Come check us out. We aim to accommodate as graciously as the consumer allows, as we offer a plethora of style options. Take a look around. Don't see what you want, feel free to drop us a line. We hope to service you soon.